ISDE-France was created during the ISDE board meeting  on November 21, 2010, in Arezzo, Italy, with the ARTAC acting as the representative association for ISDE in France.


In accordance with the general statutes of ISDE international, the objectives of ISDE-France are as follows :

1.To make that physicians, health professionals and scientists -- followers of the Paris Appeal and its environmental message -- gather within one organization to unite all of those who are “ involved “ at different governmental or non-governmental institutions or associations and who wish to commit themselves to a united social fight to preserve future generations in France and worldwide.

2.To promote the environmental message in the field of public health, so that practical measures fitted to current issues be taken in terms of primary prevention and precaution.

3.To promote and teach environmental medicine in order for it to be officially recognized internationally and at the European level as a new modality of medicine and to train physicians and health professionals so that they may practice it.

4.To bring together health and environmental medicine researchers and to promote and carry out research in both fields.

5.To inform French public, social, medical and health authorities, more particularly physicians and pharmacists’ national governing bodies, university leaders, pediatricians and occupational health representatives, as well as social security managers and health insurance company managers, of issues and measures to be taken urgently in order to combat current public health plagues and to protect pregnant women and children. Specific information will thus be intended for child and mother care organizations.

6.To release such information internationally, within the framework of the general policy initiated by ISDE-International, and particularly to collaborate with ISDE-Italy to reach that goal.