The extreme vulnerability of children

Everybody must be aware of the fact that children are the most vulnerable in the population and the most exposed to contamination by a great number of pollutants ; that a great number of toxic substances or products pass the placentary barrier and thus contaminate the fetus ; that many of these chemical substances or products accumulate in fatty tissue and are then found in mother’s milk ; and that moreover children may directly ingest, absorb and/or inhale these substances or products, even in the protection of their home (infants contact and ingest many more surfaces  and items and they breathe in more air per unit body weight, than adults do). Thus, the second article of the Paris Appeal : « Chemical pollution represents a serious threat to children and to Man's survival.».

For all these reasons, ISDE has been fighting for 20 years all over the world for the right of children‘s to no longer be polluted.