The ISDE was created in 1990, in Cortona, Italy, to reinforce physicians, health professionals and scientists’ commitment to preserving the environment and the populations’ health. ISDE’s main objectives are as follows : to elevate  ethics within the medical world, to promote primary prevention, to protect the environment, to inform anyone and to train medical personel. In order to do this, ISDE recommends that patients, physicians, health professionals, scientists, teachers and students become involved in environmental and health issues, and stimulate their awareness. A key aspect of ISDE’s is to create efficient and robust links between scientific societies, research centers and governmental and non-governmental organizations on key issues related to health and the environment, with reference to the pioneer physician and researcher in the field of environmental carcinogenesis, Lorenzo Tomatis, former director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, who understood deeply and long before almost anyone that a great number of cancers have an environmental origin.

- L. Tomatis GEA, European Journal of Medicine Aérobiologie et de l'environnement 2006
- First Lorenzo Tomatis Lecture