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What is ISDE ?

Numerous physicians, health professionals and scientific researchers have understood the importance of the new environmental paradigm in medicine. This is why they have all decided to unite as ISDE.

The International Society of Doctors for Environment (ISDE) is an international non-governmental / non-profit, independent, organization of physicians, health professionals and scientific researchers; acting to protect health and the environment. This worldwide organization was created on November 25, 1990, and is now present in 36 countries through national or regional member associations. The 36th country to join ISDE-international is France with the ARTAC as its representative association. Physicians, health professionals and scientists in these countries are invited to join their ISDE national organizations, while physicians and scientists from other countries may join ISDE as direct members.  The ISDE-international Board is located in Switzerland and coordinates research, information and training activities.
The chairman of ISDE-International is presently Hanns Moshammer Austria. Cathey Falvo from USA will be the chairman of ISDE-International. This will be decided the ISDE general Assembly which will take place in Paris April 11th 2011.

Dr Ernesto Burgio, pediatrician and researcher in Italy, is chairman of the ISDE-International Scientific Committee.